Well at first I was very excited when I called the Apple store by me in New York. I ran over there and was the first one to pick of one of the new iPod Touches. I opted to spend the big bucks and pick up the 16GB model. With tax it ran about $433 or so. The first thing I did when I got back home was sync all my songs and photos to my new iPod. After impatiently waiting for what seemed like forever, my new iPod was finally completely charged. I started to play around with it and I was amazed at how great the interface was. Everything ran very smoothly and the internet was much easier to use that I expected. I actually spent about an hour surfing the web on this great device!

Then I decided to check out the Youtube application. The first video I viewed was a trailer from the movie “300”. This is when I noticed something that bothered me slightly. The screen had this bizarre glare to it on dark colors. The glare was so bad that I couldn’t really see anything during certain portions of the trailer. At first I thought this was just the trailer I was viewing. Maybe it was too dark or something? I then checked my photos and I noticed the same thing. Many of the photos that I had that were taken at night we nearly impossible to see! I checked them on my computer monitor and they were easily viewable. Now I was started to wonder why this was happening.

I figured that this just must be the way the screen was made. But $400 seems like a hefty price to pay to have such a problem. My older iPod video didn’t have this problem, why should this more expensive item have it? I tried to put up with this “problem” for a few days, but it got to the point where it was effecting almost everything I was looking at. Two days ago I was at the mall and I brought it into the Apple store.

I quickly walked up to a heavy young man that had just finished telling a father and son that they were sold out of both the 8 and 16GB Touches. I pulled out my touch and said to him, “I just got this and I love it, but what is with the screen?” I turned it on and showed him some very very dark photos. He replied, “Your screen looks fine, that is how it is supposed to be.” I said to him, “I’m not supposed to be able to see my photos?” He started to get annoyed very fast. He basically just told me once again that it was fine. I told him that my friend has an iPhone and I loaded some of my pictures on his phone. The difference was night and day. He told me, “Well the iPhone has a better screen.” I had no idea what to say to him, so I just said, “Well, that’s nice. I’m glad I spent $400 on a useless screen.” I just turned around and walked away.

The next day I went to a different Apple store and went to the Genius Bar. Once again I was asked what the problem was. I told him and showed him some photos on my iPod. He replied, “This is the first one of these I’ve touched, but your screen looks absolutely horrible.” He told me it would be replaced with a brand new unit once they are back in stock. I was very happy to hear this, at least there is one person out there that can see that the screen shouldn’t be like this. Hopefully this time I get a good one!

You tell me, am I out of line for wanting a better screen?

Here is a picture of the screen of my soon to be exchanged iPod Touch:

Now the one above is not a dark photo on any other screen!

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