After being one of the first to run out and pick up a 16GB iPod touch I now regret ever doing such a thing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the iPod touch. It is great being able to use it for the internet and the wireless Itunes store. The screen size is also the perfect size for video and the unit is not big and clunky like my PSP. But the negative screen issue is a real killer for me. I went to a few Apple stores and spoke to two different customer services representatives. I had different results when attempting to exchange my unit for one with a proper screen. In order to guarantee a successful exchange at one of the Apple stores you must:

1. Make sure you don’t speak to one of the store salesmen about your problem. They are STUPID and CLUELESS. Only address the problem at the Genius Bar.

2. Have special dark photos set aside to prove your point. (My earlier post contains the photo I used to prove my point. I was told by Apple they will only exchange if the screen doesn’t meet their “acceptable” requirements (whatever those requirements are.) Just make sure you have pictures to make your screen look as bad as possible.

3. Have at least one video to prove your point also. I used the trailer from the movie “300”, that seems to work pretty well.

4. The third and most important thing is don’t lose your cool. This happened to me in the first store I went to and it will get you nowhere. Just be calm and nice, they will be much more likely to do things your way if you stay that way. Politely ask to speak to a manager if things aren’t going good.

Good luck, these things worked for me and hopefully they do for you as well!

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