I got a call from my Apple store today telling me that they had an exchange for my week 37 model today. Now that it has been fully charged and synced with all my music, video, and photos I wanted to show the unbelievable difference between the two screens. I took two pictures under the same lighting setting and the same brightness settings on both ipods. I’ll let you decided for yourself which one looks better.

The above photo is from my week 37 ipod Touch.

This photo is from my new week 38 ipod Touch.

Big difference?!? I think so…

**UPDATE** (9/27/07)

The picture below was submitted by Spinstorm on ilounge.

The iPhone and iPod Touch are both displaying the same picture (Jay-Z album cover). The iPhone is on the left and a week 37 iPod Touch is on the right. Once I take a photo of my week 38 iPod Touch displaying the same image I will post it to show a comparison.

Bottom line: If you are one of the ones with a 37 in your serial number on your ipod, don’t tell yourself it’s supposed to be like that. Exchange it! The difference is night and day between the two serial numbers.

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