Well it looks like Apple has come through and it didn’t take them too long. If you were one of the ones suffering from what we all called a “bad screen” that made dark colors look negative (nearly impossible to see) the day you have been waiting for has come. It looks like my earlier post is no longer valid for week 37 iPod Touch models. I will continue to update this as I find out more.

Go on iTunes and download the new software update. It’s a big one, 150 MB. They just say the update is for “bug fixes”.

What it does is basically up the contrast on the screen. This in return fixes the problem for people with “bad screens”. For those of us who waited or returned out other units, have no fear, the update doesn’t make your screen look worse. I have already downloaded the update and can confirm that it doesn’t have a negative effect on week 38 iPods.

Many users from online Apple forums are already reporting success after this update.

If you don’t believe me go and check these sites out for yourself.

I’m happy to see this is finally resolved and if possible please post here once you install the update.

**UPDATE** 6 people with week 37 iPods are confirming that this update has significantly improved their screen. Some are even saying it is now flawless. I have also seen a few people saying that they still have the negative issue after the update. I will continue to post anything I see.

User groggy 23 from ilounge had this to say after installing the update: Another confirmation here! YAY! Video looks even betta!

**NEW UPDATE** 17 confirmations vs. 1 non-confirmation.

**NEWEST UPDATE** Things are looking very good. Almost 100% of people are reporting that the update fixed week 37 problems. Week 38 owners were not effected.

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