I have gotten several questions and many searches to my blog by people that wanted to know how to add photos to their new iPod Touch. I have decided to put together a simple guide for those who haven’t figured out how to do this.

The steps are listed in order below.

1. Open up iTunes and plug in your white syncing cable.

2. When you see the above window pop up click on the Photos tab.

3. Select the folder that your pictures are located in. Once the proper folder is selected iTunes will give you the option of selecting all of your photos or you can pick selected folders and pick only what you want to add.

4. Once you are satisfied with your selection click the sync button. iTunes will optimize your photos for your iPod Touch and then copy them. Be patient, it will take several minutes this task, especially if a large amount of photos has been selected.

5. Once the sync is done you can check to confirm that the photos were copied over.

You should now see the addition of Photos in your Capacity bar.

6. It is now safe to eject your iPod Touch and check out your photos!

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