This is great news guys! Apple has opened up a section called Web apps. This can be found at So what exactly is a web app? This is taken directly from Apple’s page:

The Internet and multi-touch.

With web apps, the power of the Internet meets the brilliance of multi-touch. And suddenly, iPhone and iPod touch can do that much more.

Flick through lists of news articles on Digg. Play games like Sudoku and Bejeweled with the touch of a finger. View movie times, train schedules, and blogs.

Web apps don’t just extend the functionality of iPhone and iPod touch, they do it in style. Since web apps are websites designed specifically for the 3.5-inch screen, you’ll find the viewing experience amazing.

Getting Started.

It’s easy to browse web apps and select and organize your favorites. Just visit on your iPhone or iPod touch (iPod touch requires a Wi-Fi connection). Browse the library, and when you find one you like, tap the link and try it out. If you like the web app, be sure to bookmark it for quick access later.

If you have a web page there is also a link where you can submit your own web page to Apple.

Right now there are already a decent amount of web apps that have been submitted. Some of the big names include: Facebook, Digg It, iLounge, Fandango, and to name a few. Another cool thing that is now possible is games! So far I can see Sudoku and Bejeweled on ths list.

This is just the beginning for web apps, I expect this to become a HUGE feature for both the iPod Touch and the iPhone!

If you have either of these two devices I highly recommend you check this out for yourself!

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