I like many of you was kind of upset when I first turned on my iPod Touch and saw the list off applications. Where did all the cool iPhone applications go? Where was the note application, google maps, mail, and a bunch of other cool things that didn’t make it over to the iPod Touch. My screen looked so empty compared to the screen full of application icons on the iPhone.

Now our day has come…

A program called Jailbreak has been released. What Jailbreak does is basically let you put other applications on your iPod Touch through a security flaw in Safari. Jailbreak installs “installer.app” which is the thing responsible for letting you add basically any application you can get your hands on. It also lets you switch the black background (springboard is the technical name for it) to whatever you feel like.

The pictures above were taken from Mac Rumors

Above are just three examples of how many cool applications you can add to the iPod Touch. And if you notice you can even change the actual icons as well!

If you want to “Jailbreak” your iPod go to one of the 2 links and follow the instructions.

Mac users should go to http://ijailbreak.com.

PC users should go to http://slovix.com/touchfree.

Jailbreaking the iPod Touch has been easy for some people, but harder for others. If you run into any problems feel free to post them in the comments section. Perhaps someone will be able to guide you through the problem.

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