The title says it all, I am going to do my best to explain the whole jailbreaking and installing apps process so that any one can do it. I was in the same boat about a week ago, I wanted to jailbreak my iPod and was getting annoyed at all the cool photos I saw on message boards showing custom icons and applications. I have done a lit of research into this and think that I’m finally ready to explain it everyone who is looking for the easiest and simplest explanation for hacking their iPod Touch.

NOTE: This guide is for jailbreaking an iPod which has operating system version 1.1.1 installed. This will be updated when it is possible to jailbreak version 1.1.2. To downgrade from 1.1.2 to 1.1.1 look at this post.

These instructions are for a Macintosh computer. Head over to and download iJailbreak 3.0. Don’t worry if you don’t have an Intel Mac, I am running a G4 and it worked perfectly. I have several confirmations of other G4s working as well.

If you have Windows head over to Download that program and follow the the on screen directions. Scroll down to read the rest of this post once you are done.

Once you have downloaded iJailbreak, run the program. What this program will do is install an application called, which is the app that will let you install other apps on your iPod Touch. You also can click install iPhone apps as well. This will put apps such as notes, weather, stocks, and mail on your iPod.

iJailbreak will give you step by step instructions. Follow everything it says. After about 10 minutes and several restarts you should be done considering everything went the way it was supposed to. There should now be several new apps on your iPod (all the iPhone apps).

You should now see an icon that has the title Installer under it. The new version of installer which was just released a few days ago is a significant improvement from the earlier version.

Click on the installer icon and you will see all the cool things you can do with it now. You can add the NES ROM if you want to play games. For NES ROMs head on over to’s/Emulation/NES/ROMs/NES_roms_summary.htm.

In installer you will also see something named SpringBoard. The purpose of springboard is to allow you to really modify your iPod touch. With springboard you can change the way the icons look or even change the black background to anything you desire. The installer app has several different themes you can install once you have installed the springboard program.

The above photos are just two of the many examples of what you can do with your springboard. To see more examples click here.

Now the next thing I wanted to do once I had some new applications on my iPod was change around the order. To do this you must access the files of your iPod through your computer. I found that Fugu was very easy to use. You can get the program at this link:

NOTE: Windows users will want to use PUTTY. You can get it at this link:

Once you have installed the program open it up. On the top bar you should see SFTP. Click on it and then click show SFTP Window.

You should now see the above window. Where it says connect to you will put in your iPod Touch’s IP address. You can find this on you iPod by click on settings, then Wi-Fi. Now click the blue arrow next to the network name and you will get your IP address. For the username put in root. The port is 22. When asked for a password put in alpine.

Once you are connected to your iPod look over at the right list. The left list is just your computer. On the drop down menu first select /. Then click on System. Next you will click on Library. Now click on CoreServices. You should now see, click on that. Scroll down until you see N45AP.plist. That is the file that you use to alter the arrangement of icons on your iPod. You can drag the file onto your desktop to make a copy. If you feel up to it you can try to edit the file yourself by opening it with TextEdit. Once you are done editing it all you have to do is drag it back into the same list you took it from and overwrite the other file. Then restart your iPod and the changes will take effect.

If you are worried about touch the file you can head over to and download a N45AP.plist that has already been done. Below is what that one will look like.

If you do not have all the icons shown above, simply just delete the code from the one you don’t want. For example if you wanted to get rid of the YouTube icon you would delete this code:


If you didn’t want to all out delete the icon you could cut the above code and move it down to the section at the bottom of the file titled Special. Anything in this section will be hidden.

Check out this link if you still need more help or even want to customize your iPod Touch more. It basically has everything you can possibly do to modify an iPod Touch.

I hope this guide helps, I will update this when i have more useful information to share. if you having any problems feel free to post them in the comments section.

**UPDATE** An automatic way of adding NES ROMs. This is the easiest way possible to add NES ROMs. Click this link to add ROMs this way.

**UPDATE** How to add NES ROMs (Taken from

Connect to your iPod Touch via SSH and navigate to /var/root/Media. Create a folder here named “ROMs” and then another folder called “NES“.
Once you have done that go into the folder NES and drag your .nes files across.
To get ROMs you can download them free at these websites
2: then click NES

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