So you want the easiest way possible to add NES ROMs to your Jailbroken iPod Touch? Well you’re in luck, this way is as easy as it gets. There is no SSHing from your computer into the iPod Touch. You don’t even have to download the ROMs from the internet (which is illegal by the way).

This is what you have to do: the whole process takes no more than 5 minutes.

1. Add this source:

You add a source by clicking on installer icon and then clicking on the sources icon located on the bottom right. Make sure that you keep the http:// that is already there.

**TIP** For those who dont know how to add a source, this link will tell you how:

2. Once then source has been successfully added (you must refresh once you have added it), go to the games tab. You will see nes games pack. Install it.

Your iPod will restart and you will have the most popular nes games pack.

That’s it! Simple isn’t it? As simple as it may be if there are any questions or problems post them below in the comments section so others can help out.

**NOTE** As I already mentioned once above, installing NES ROMs that you don’t own is illegal. Once you have installed the nes roms pack please only keep the games that you own (delete the rest).

If the above method does not work for you, please try this other source.