For those of you who have had no luck with the NES ROMs source which automatically adds the most popular NES ROMs this guide is for you.

In order manually add NES ROMs you need a program that will allow you to SSH into your iPod Touch.

Mac users should use Fugu. You can get Fugu at

Windows users should use Putty, which you will find at

The below screen shot is from Fugu, since I have a mac. If you are using Fugu you should see this screen. It will be very similar for Putty.

Where it says connect to you will put in your iPod Touch’s IP address. You can find this on you iPod by click on settings, then Wi-Fi. Now click the blue arrow next to the network name and you will get your IP address. For the username put in root. The port is 22. When asked for a password put in alpine.

To manually copy over NES ROMs go to the Media folder.

Once you are in the Media folder go to the ROMs folder.

Next you should see the NES folder.

Simply copy the ROMs you have downloaded into this folder.

If you don’t have any ROMs and are wondering where to get those, I’ve got you covered.

You can find the most popular ROMs at these 4 sites:

2: then click NES

As always remember to only download ROMs of the games you actually have purchased.