If you read my post about installing GBA ROMs using iShare, this is the same exact method for adding NES ROMs. Thanks to frikeronasniker you can get up to 300 NES ROMs on your iPod Touch!

Go here to login: http://sendspace.com/login.html

user: frikeronsniker
password: jumbo

How to install this great app on your touch
1. Download iPhone NES from the installer
2. Download iShare from the installer
(optional) ( for people who haven’t created a rom folder, otherwise proceed to step 10
3. Download Mobile finder
4. Press the ~ icon at the far right corner
5. Click Media, then click create at the bottom of the screen.
6. Click Folder, you should see a folder name ‘untitled folder’
7. Rename it to ‘ROMs’ remember, the R,O and M is capital while the s isn’t
8. Inside the ROMs folder, create another folder call ‘NES’
9. Exit mobilefinder
10. Log in to the account as mentioned above
11. You are ready to go.
12. Remember to upload some games to this account too.

Request games you want here.

I hope all of you will upload your roms there.