You may or may not have noticed the addition of several new features to the site. Traffic has begun to pick up very nicely and I thought it would be good to introduce some more new features. I’m happy to announce the addition of 3 new things to the site!

Number 1: Hack News

Hack News is located on the top bar of the site next to the iPod Touch link. Hack News is where you will find any updates in new ROM repos or Jailbreaking methods. I think it is a pretty cool feature, but I am interested to see what you guys think. So please post your comments below. You can click Hack News to check it out as well.

Number 2: Sources / Repos / iShare

Sources / Repos / iShare is also located on the top bar to the right of the Hack News link. Inside this link you will find repos and iShare accounts that will add ROMs to your iPod Touch posted by site users. Please don’t submit your e-mail address asking people to send you information. Submitting your e-mail address to the public on this site will cause you to get spam e-mail. You can click Sources / Repos / iShare to see this addition.

Number 3: Donation

I have added a donation icon to the right side of the page below the search option. Since I am using wordpress, I am not allowed to put google ads on this site. I need some way of getting some revenue from the site to pay for the domain name and other site expenses. I am also looking into opening up and iShare pro account as well as developing a repo / source for NES, SNES, GBA, and PSX ROMs, but I can only do this if I receive enough in donations to cover the expenses. So I will keep you all posted on that. So please, if you find this site helpful, click the donation icon on the right side. You can donate as little as $1, but every little will help if enough people do it. You can click this link to access the donation page as well.

Well, that’s it for now. I hope all of you find the new features useful. I look forward to introducing many new features in the future.