I discovered this app: IMGrab a few days ago while browsing around. Before I posted it I wanted to play around with it and see how it works. I think it is a pretty useful app, especially if you want to save a wallpaper from the web onto your iPod Touch. For those who want it, there is a repo/source at the bottom as well as an ishare link.

IMGrab Lets you SAVE Images from websites!

It automatically saves the images to your Photo.app.

You can find wallpapers online, SAVE THEM, and use them.

The Latest Version of Jiggy Runtime is required.
(available here: http://jiggyapp.com/i )

Heres how you use it:

Go to safari and find a nice image you want, and view it Full size.
Then close safari and open IMGrab
Select “Import History” and your last URL should be on the top.
Select your URL and hit “Confirm”
Your image should come up on the screen.
Hit “Save”

After it is saved, you can find it in your Photo.app under “Camera Roll”


You can also download this in installer as well.

Here is the repo/source: modmypod.net/repo.xml

Go to your sources and go to A27 DevTeam, and install IMGrab.

Let me know what you think guys. Once again thanks to ipodtouchfans for this.