Do you want to jailbreak your iPod Touch on 1.1.4 without getting the BSD root error? You are in luck, now it can be done. And the great thing is, it only takes about 4 minutes!! This has been confirmed by numerous people with both the 8GB and the 16GB iPod Touch models.

What you need to do: (there is a video below as well)

1. Restore your iPod Touch to firmware 1.1.4.

2. Download ZiPhone and install it.

3. Run ZiPhone.

4. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer with the syncing cable.

4. Click on Jailbreak, don’t just click it once keep clicking it!! This is very important, but you must keep clicking it over and over again if you don’t want to see the BSD root error.

5. Once you below text, you MUST turn off your iPOD Touch. Not turning it off, can cause your iPod to just keep looping over and over again.

6. When you turn your iPod Touch back on it should be jailbroken and you should see installer!

7. If you want the iPhone apps, go “Tweaks 1.1.4” and you can install them from there.

Enjoy! You know have just completed a 1.1.4 JailBreak on your iPod Touch!