It seems that 1.1.4 has a mind of its own when it comes to Jailbreaking. Some people get it the first time, while others try time and time again and still don’t receive positive results. I recently came across this new method of jailbreaking which supposedly runs a modified version of ZiPhone. So for those who couldn’t get the method posted here to work, why not give this one a try?

Here is exactly what you need to do for this method: (There is a video after these steps as well)

1. Restore your iPod Touch to 1.1.4.

2. Once you have restored, be sure to keep iTunes open.

3. Download the JailBreak file and extract it.

4. Once the file has been extracted, double click on jailbreak.bat

5. You will see several windows pop up on your computer screen as well as the typical ZiPhone white font on your iPod Touch screen.

6. Your iPod Touch will reboot.

7. Don’t touch the mouse or keyboard until you see a black screen which says that your ipod is now jailbroken.

8. Press any key on your keyboard once you see the above message.

9. You should now see installer on your iPod Touch home screen. Head over to this post for a repo/source that will install the iPhone Apps.

10. 1.1.4 Jailbreak! You’re done!

Post any problems here.