For the time being it seems that Franks SNES ROMs repo/source is down. Hopefully it will come back up, but this seems to be the story with repos. They never last forever. Thanks to user “Jesse” from this site, who found this new source, you can still get SNES ROMs.

I am always on the lookout for new sources, so if any of you find one, I will be glad to check it out. If it works I will likely make a new post about it.

The source you need to add is :

Be sure to keep the http:// as well.

Once you refresh the source in your list go back to the packages list and you will see “”. Open that folder and install the SNES ROMs.

After you do install the ROMs, you will see a pop up in another language. Just hit “ok” twice. If anyone has any idea what the other language is saying please let us all know!

If you have any problem adding SNES ROMs with this repo/source, please post them below.