The exciting new PwnageTool has been released for the iPod Touch, as well as the iPhone. This will no doubt make customizing your iPod Touch much easier and open up many more customizable options in the future. The bad news (at least for the time being) is that it is only available for a mac. A windows version is being developed and should be released very soon. I am going to answer a few questions about the PwnageTool below, since I am some of you don’t have any idea what it is.

What exactly does the PwnageTool do?

The PwnageTool will basically allow you do do anything that you could have done by jailbreaking, but it opens up many other possibilities as well. What this program does, is it allows you to create a custom firmware.

Why would I want to do this when I can just use ZiPhone or iJailbreak?

The big advantage of the PwnageTool has is that is is not a firmware specific hack. Once you have ran the PwnageTool on your iPod Touch any new firmware updates can be jailbroken immediately. That is right no more waiting for a new firmware hack to come out.

I have heard the 2.0 firmware beta has been leaked. Is this true, and if I use the PwnageTool can I run it on my iPod touch?

It has been leaked, but since it would be highly illegal for me to post it, I can’t. If you did manage to get a hold of the leaked firmware, the PwnageTool would allow you to run it.

Is it possible to restore my iPod Touch back to its original form after installing this program?

Yes, all you have to do is restore it from iTunes.

Where can I get this program?

NOTE: I have not installed this program on my iPod Touch yet. But for anyone out there who does install the PwnageTool, please leave a comment and inform us all of how you like it.