Gameboy4iphone has just been released for beta testing and from what I have read it sounds like it is going to be very sweet! Below is a list of things that you can expect to see on the full release of Gameboy4iphone for the iPod Touch.

Here’s what to expect:
– Very fast emulation. Games should run nice and smooth.
– Sound emulation with volume control via a L/R trigger. Sound is still a bit raspy, but working and will improve!
– Same controller skins supporting multitouch as gpSPhone 1.7.0.
– No frameskip or framelimiting yet. Frameskip doesnt seem to be needed, framelimiting might.
– Landscape and portrait mode.
– Save state support.
– SRAM support is implemented but not enabled yet. Use savestates instead at the moment.
– Realtime clock should be working for support of games like Pokemon, though it is untested. (EDIT: Pokemon confirmed working!)

**UPDATE** You can see a video of the Gameboy4iphone in action as well as some screen shots here.

As always, once it is available, you will find out all the information here.
Please head on over to the forums to discuss the beta Gameboy4iphone for the iPod Touch!