Who wants overs 1400 Gameboy/GBC ROMs that can be downloaded from sendspace with iShare?!? Since I am guessing that most of you by now are have the Gameboy4iphone installed on your iPod Touch, whether you did it by installing cydia or uploading it manually (for those of you waiting for it to be on installer,, hopefully the wait ends soon), you must want some ROMs by now. Cdalmclaren was nice enough to post his entire Gameboy/GBC ROMs collection over at the forums.

The list is very extensive and it is more likely that your hand would fall asleep from scrolling so much before you ever reach the bottom. It would take me hours to copy over all of the links that he has posted, so I am just going to link you over to the post that he has made. As always, before you can view the post you will need to register, which should only take you about a minute.

The link to get all the sendspace Gameboy/GBC ROMs using iShare is located right here.