A nice new repo/source from iphoneroms has recently surfaced and it adds NES, SNES, Genesis, Gameboy/GBC and GBA ROMs. This repo was launched yesterday and has already been accessed over 125,000 times!

This repo is fully compatible with 1.1.4, so there is no need to have to move the ROMs to the proper file path if you are running the current firmware. Another nice feature of this repo is that if you go over to iphoneroms.com you can actually upload any ROMs that you have and it will be updated on their repo.

**NOTE** The uploading ROMs feature has been taken down for the time being to fix a few problems with the code. The GBA ROMs will be taken down tonight to reduce the amount of bandwidth used. Once a suitable web host with higher bandwidth is found the GBA ROMs will be reactivated.

The repo you will want to add is: repo.iphoneroms.com iphoneroms.com/repo

Once you have added this repo, you should see five new categories: Gameboy ROMs, GBA ROMs, Genesis ROMs, NES ROMs, SNES ROMs and Emulators.

Please head over to the forums and register and join our community!

A special thanks goes out to iphoneroms for creating this great new repo allowing everyone to add Gameboy/GBC, GBA, Genesis, NES and SNES ROMs!