A new application called iSlsk has been released for the iPod Touch. It is still in beta stage, so of course there are some bugs, regardless it works very well. iSlsk is a P2P Soulseek client. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Soulseek, it is very similar to Limewire.

Here is what you can do with iSlsk:

1. You can search for files.
2. You can connect to a Soulseek network using your iPod Touch’s Wi-Fi.
3. You can download files from other iSlsk users.
4. You can run iSlsk in the background and download music while using other applications.
5. You can import downloaded music into iTunes from your iPod Touch.

iSlsk is available on the BigBoss repo.

If you have any problems, please post them over at the forums.