If you have been waiting forever for a working PSX ROMs repo, today is your lucky day! I have put a list below of the PSX ROMs that can be downloaded as of today, as well as their file sizes.

I want to thank cdalmclaren from the forums for being the first to point this out.

The repo you want to add to get this ROMs is repo.iphoneroms.com. Once you add the repo and refresh your sources look for the catergory “PSX Roms” and then pick the ROMs you want to install.

Before you install any of these ROMs, make sure you downloaded BossTools from installer and move over the fonts to give you extra space.

Ape Escape: 132.4 Mb
Beyblade: 152.2 Mb
Civilization II: 305.5 Mb
Command and Conquer – Red Alert Retaliation: 375.7 Mb
Cool Boarders 3: 158.4
Crash Bandicoot 2 – Cortex Strikes Back: 123.1 Mb
Destruction Derby 2: 561 Mb
Driver: 465.5 Mb
Formula 1 2000: 304.9 Mb
Gran Turismo: 411.3 Mb
Gran Turismo 2: 505.9 Mb
Hot Shots Golf: 158.8 Mb
Medal of Honor: 501.9 Mb
Medievil: 338.6 Mb
NFL Gameday: 210.2 Mb
PGA Tour 98: 270.1 Mb
Silent Hill: 316.1 Mb
South Park: 215.2 Mb
Vigilante 8: 482.2 Mb
Who Wants To Be a Millionaire: 246.6 Mb

If you have any questions or comments about getting PSX ROMs on your iPod Touch please post them over at the forums.