I’m sure a lot of you guys out there used the iphoneroms repo to get some ROMs (that you owned of course) for your iPod Touch. For those who are wondering why it doesn’t work any more, the reason is because the website is down. I recently got an e-mail from iphoneroms.com and because of the great work they did on this repo I want to share it with all of you.

Hi Lonman,

I need your help, basically http://www.iphoneroms.com is down at the moment, the reason is we didnt make enough in donations to keep it running, we need to get about €130 per month to keep it online but we only got €38.

We introduced the VIP Repo to try and raise donations but it didnt work either. Basically i was hoping you could write up a story and ask people to donate to us to get us back online, as soon as we are back online we will make all PSX Roms available to everyone as the VIP Idea didnt really take off but we need to get back up and running and we need €92 to do that.

Id really appreciate the help man. The link to donate is


Thanks and Regards,

So in order to get the site up and running once again, these guys need some money. All it takes is a small donation from from you guys and YOU can get the repo up and running once again.

If you have added roms using the iphoneroms repo, then show your support and donate!