Well, what can I say, it appears that iPhone Dev Team has already unlocked and jailbroken the 2.0 firmware. This is very impressive since it has not even been officially released yet to the public.

The bad news about this story is that as of right now it will require the PwnageTool, which means you will need a mac to do this. The Dev Team hasn’t set a release date for this yet, but I think we can expect it pretty soon.

While windows users may be a bit upset about this story, there is some good news here as well. Since the framework seems to already be set for hacking 2.0, it shouldn’t be long until everyone can jailbreak 2.0 on their iPod Touch!

I will continue to keep you all updated on the progress of the 2.0 jailbreak from a windows and a mac perspective. As always you can always see the latest news over at the forums.