Very rarely can I say that I am compleltely blown away by an iPod Touch app, let alone a game, but I have to say it, Fieldrunners is an amazing game.  The object of the game sounds very simple, prevent a bunch of men and tanks (as well as other things) from getting from point A to point B by building towers to kill them.  But trust me, the game is very challenging and time consuming.

I have spent countless hours on this game and the greatest thing about it is it doesn’t get boring. There are many difficulty levels as well. I would absolutely recommend starting on the easiest level your first time. Below I have taken 4 images from the Fieldrunners website so you can see the 4 towers currently available in the game.

The most powerful tower in the game is the one all the way on the left, it is known as the laser tower.  It’s great for heavy units such as tanks.  The second tower from the left is the Goo tower.  It’s job is to slow down units as they make their way across the map.  The Missile tower (third from the left), does exactly what its name says, it shoots missiles.  The tower all the way on the right is the Gatling tower, it works very well on the human units.

Keep in mind that all of these towers can be upgraded to become more powerful at a cost.  It is very important to spend your money wisely.  I find that it is better to have all your towers built before you decide to start upgrading.

$4.99 will get you this app, but act quickly, because after the holidays there is going to be a price increase on this game.  Keep in mind that you will receive all future updates to this game free of charge.  Future updates to Fieldrunners will likely include new maps, units and towers.

I highly recommend Fieldrunners, you won’t be upset with this purchase.