I know there are a decent amount of you out there who have just received the 2G iPod Touch as a gift this holiday season and want to jailbreak it.Β  Unfortunately as of right now I am sorry to report that there is no jailbreak for the iPod Touch 2G available as of today. However there is some good news as well, a group called Cronic dev does appear to be making significant progress on a 2G jailbreak.

Of course I know that everyone wants to know when Cronic dev plans to release a jailbreak for the 2G iPod Touch, but it is anyone’s guess at this point, especially since they haven’t reported full success in jailbreaking a 2G iPod Touch yet.

I will continue to monitor the latest news on the status of the 2G iPod Touch jailbreak, so continue to check back for updates.

At this time I just want to let alert those who are new to the jailbreaking world and have just joined the iPod Touch family to some of the advantages of a jailbroken iPod Touch.

Jailbreaking your iPod Touch allows much more customization. You can change the look of the home screen icons as well as the theme of your iPod Touch. If you really want to go crazy you can even change the look of the battery charging icon on the first screen you see when you are charging your iPod Touch.

Other advantages are the available of Cydia, which is a program that allows you to download free applications for your iPod that aren’t on Apple’s App Store. There is also a way to get applications that are required to be purchased from the App Store for free, but since that is illegal I can’t tell you how to do that here (I’m sure if you are motivated enough you can find out how!).

So if the brief description of the advantages of jailbreaking seem like something you may want to consider keep checking back for updates on Cronic dev’s progress of jailbreaking the 2G iPod Touch.