The time has finally come, Fierce Towers has been released for the blackberry storm and I have got to say, it isn’t bad at all. Everyone by now knows the ever popular Field Runners game released on the iPod Touch and iPhone (I know all you Blackberry Storm owners hate those 2 devices), but how does Fierce Towers compare to this? Is it a mere copy or a worthy contender to Field Runners? Keep reading below to find out!

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of Fierce Towers and now that the time has finally come was the wait worth it?

Before I get into my review of the game, I have added a quick video below for those of you who are unfamiliar with this game.

Pretty cool, eh?

There are many positives things about this game, but as always there are also a few negatives as well.

The greatest thing about this game is bang for the buck. This game prices at 5 bucks, which in my opinion isn’t too bad for the hours of gameplay you can get out of it. I’m sure some of you may be shaking your heads at this statement, but just because you beat the game doesn’t mean that you can’t reply it and try different strategies! This the key to making Fieldrunners so great.

Another positive of this game is it’s smooth gameplay. The Blackberry Storm’s operating system runs this game quite well and there is little to no slowdown even during periods of intense battle. It does appear that this game was carefully designed to cater to the storm’s hardware and software.

One negative (at least at the current time) of this game is the lack of sound. While this may not bother some of you, I can assure you that may people are very upset about this. I do not see this as such a big deal because I am expecting future updates to take care of this problem (can’t always get everything all at once!).

And on to the last negative of this game: FREEZING. While this doesn’t happen much it is always annoying when it does. This seems to happen while a spinning clock appears on the screen usually during the initial start of the game. But there is some better news about this problem: at least you can resume the game once you do exit and restart after a freeze (but I have noticed that it doesn’t always resume in the exact place you left off).

All in all I would say this is a very good start for Fierce Towers and I expect much more in the future in terms of playablity, more towers and tanks. So I would highly recommend this game if you are looking for a game that will consume hours and hours of your time! So yes, it is very addicting.

In case you are wondering you can purchase Fierce Towers over here

I will continue to post updated reviews as more updates to Fierce Towers for the Blackberry Storm become available.