StopTilt is a must have for the blackberry storm. This is an app that have been waiting quite some time for. Why do you need it? Well read on…

I was quite pleased to see this app surface a few days ago. If you have always wanted to keep your homescreen in the portrait view (by that I mean vertical view) and hated seeing it in landscape view then this app is a must own for you.

This is a very simple and small app, coming in around 17kb on a download. But hey, size doesn’t always matter and I can assure you that in this case it doesn’t.

I always hated when I would lay down in bed and the screen would turn into landscape mode when I was trying to view it in portrait mode. Now it it takes is a few simple clicks and that problem is no longer an issue.

The best reason and my reason for getting this app is the fact that locking the homescreen will prevent incoming calls from going into the landscape view when the phone is turned. This, in my opinion, was always the time when the phone experienced the most lag and it was totally unnecessary for the phone to have to go into this view on an incoming call.

So how does it work you say? Simple, like I said, on the homescreen, just hit your BB button once to get to the second, full icon page and then once again. You will see “disable autorotation”, just click that and you are good to go. Next you will get a popup telling you that you must save permissions for StormTilt to remember your settings, this is safe to do, so do not be alarmed.

With the newest version of StormTilt,, your custom rotation settings will be saved, even after a battery pull/restart.

Known issues at this point consist of the following:
1. Settings will now be saved during a pull power off. (not a restart)
2. Popup confirming rotation lock. (not exactly an issue, but a bit of an annoyance)

For anyone considering this app, I have good news, it’s on sale for $2.99 (normal price: $9.95) until May 23rd.

Even with these few issues, I would still have to say that StormTilt is a must have for any Blackberry Storm owner. I will continue to post updates as new versions of this app become available.