Help I’ve got dust under the screen of my blackberry storm! What should I do? These always seem to be the first thoughts when this happens to most people. I like many of you have dust under the screen of my blackberry storm. As of right now I haven’t exchanged my storm for a new one and here are my reasons why.

First off, remember if you have purchased your storm after 30 days ago you will receive a factory refurbished one, not a new one. This may not bother some people, but I have had plenty of bad experiences with refurbished items.

Second, the click screen on my storm is great. It clicks perfectly and evenly in all areas. I know this is not the case for all storms and have I have seen countless people complaining about their click screens online.

Third, RIM has yet to come out with a fix to this problem, so exchanging for a new storm isn’t going to fix the dust problem, it is just going to delay the inevitable: you will get dust under your screen sooner or later.

Now that I have let you known my reason for keeping my storm even with the dust I know that some of you are wondering how dust gets in there in the first place. Well its pretty simple and it was a concern that I had from the day I purchased my storm. The storm screen isn’t one screen, it is actually two screens: a thin outer screen that has the touch sensors and a thick inner screen that is responsible for the clicking mechanism.

As I am sure you have already noticed, the screen can move around a bit since it has to click and there are sizable gaps on all sides. It is very easy for dust to get into these gaps and unfortunately some of it manages to break through the weak seal that holds the two screens together. So this dust that you think is under your screen is actually wedged in between the two screens.

So what can you do to get the dust out? Not much is what i would tell you. I can tell you one thing, regardless of what you have read online, do not use compressed air to remove the dust, it will only end up forcing more dust into your phone. There are countless videos online (youtube) that show I have seen, ranging from physically peeling the outer screen off the inner screen with your fingernails (not smart) to a full removal of the storm’s faceplate and screen. You may try these things at your own risk, but remember you are violating you warranty by doing these and if you break your storm you are screwed. For example I know that many people have broken their screens by trying to pry them off with their fingernails.

My best advice concerning this problem is to just deal with it and if it does get to the point where it is unbearable for you, then exchange it for a factory refurbished device.

I will continue to monitor the blackberry storm screen dust problem and see if RIM ever addresses this problem. If any of you have a cleaver way of fixing this problem once dust is already under the screen please feel free to comment and share it with all of us.