Have you really wanted a sliding lock system like the iPhone? Well you are in luck, StormSlider for the blackberry storm does exactly this, and it does it very well.

I have to admit it, the locking mechanism for the blackberry storm is kinda boring and is a bit slow. This is where StormSlider comes in, not only does it lock the phone faster, but it also gives you other useful options that the default storm lock doesn’t.

One of the best things about this app is that it gives you the ability to lock the phone during a phone call. So no more accidental pressing of the phone with your face while you are on it. You will see a simple popup message telling you that the phone is now locked and that to unlock it press the “back” button. Very simple.

But there is still more.

You can set StormSlider to come on once your screen dims or you can even tell it to wait a minute or two after a screendim to activate.

You can also set StormSlider to lock when the physical lock button on the top left corner of the phone is pressed. When this button is pressed you will see the default storm lock screen for a few seconds and once it dims the StormSlider activate and the screen reappears. I know that this bothers some people, but it is a great improvement over previous versions of StormSlider which were a but slower in the transition.

If you don’t want to have StormSlider popup once the physical lock button it pressed just set the “launch to lock button” to “no”. This is the way I currently have it set up. When you want to unlock your phone you will still be required to use StormSlider. This in my opinion is a smoother transition from hitting the physical lock button on the storm. Most of the time I just lit the screen dim on its own and StormSlider is activated.

One of the flaws of this program in my opinion is the inability to lock this application in portrait mode. I am sure this is currently being worked on and will be addressed in a future update. As of right now there is a workaround for this, you can use StopTilt to lock your homescreen, but keep in mind that if StormSlider is activated while on another page that you don’t have set to portrait lock, StormSlider will not remain locked in portrait mode.

Besides the inability to lock in portrait mode, the only other thing that bothers me is that there are problems with the storm’s default alarm clock and StormSlider. I learned this the hard way and was late for an appointment because my alarm clock never went off when StormSlider was running. You can set StormSlider to not launch on clock as well as to not launch on charger to prevent this from happening. As long as you have the clock running in the background it will work. Maybe one day StormSlider will be completely compatible with the storm’s alarm clock, but until that day, the current set up will get the job done.

If you have always wanted a cool locking mechanism lock the iPhone has then StormSlider for the Blackberry Storm is for you. It does just what the iPhone does in this field and it quite an improvement over the storm’s default locking mechanism.

Current version is at 3.7.9. and it is priced at $2.99.