If you have a Blackberry Tour, I highly suggest you update to the leaked There are many reasons why I would recommend it, so read on to find out why!

First off and the biggest reason to get for the Blackberry Tour is threaded SMS. For those who are unaware of this greatly demanded feature that all blackberries had lacked in the past, the concept is pretty simple: view your SMS in chat form. No more having to scroll through tons of messages from the same contact, now each contact will take up one line in your sms inbox.

Another great reason to upgrade to is speed of default internet browser. By now I think most people know that the default internet browser provided by blackberry is no speed demon, actually sometimes, it can be downright slow. With the leaked the speed of the browser has been greatly improved. The biggest change I have noticed is that images load up much faster, sometimes twice as fast as before.

For those who pay close attention to details, you will notice (if you are on verizon) that the usual 1x EVDO in the upper right corner of your phone’s screen has been replaced by 3G, which to me, seems to make much more sense.

As with any unofficial release (as well as many official releases) of there will always be a bug or two present. The two bugs that I have found are with the media player and the sound profiles.

The media player bug can be a bit annoying. What basically happens is when you are listening to the first song on your device, once it ends the second song will play but you will not hear anything. You must pause the song and then hit play for it to resume. Note: this only happens when using headphones. I have tried numerous things to fix this problem, including swapping out different media files from other operating systems, but nothing has fixed this problem.

The second problem is that some profiles reset when you reset your device. This can be annoying for third party applications such as facebook and other chat programs.

To me, these 2 bugs are not enough to steer me away from this operating system and I know RIM will address these 2 issue in a later release.

To go ahead and download for your blackberry tour click here.

Once you have downloaded the file and installed it, open up blackberry desktop manager and install it on your device.

Important note: before upgrading to on your Blackberry Tour make sure that you disconnect your computer from the internet once the file is downloaded and before you open up desktop manager.