In my opinion Bloons Tower defense for the iPod Touch/iPhone is a must have even if you aren’t into the whole tower defense game type. I knew the moment this game was announced that it was going to be great and sell well in the App store. Based off the ever so popular flash game online, this game is almost a direct port from the popular internet flash game. That being said I actually do think that the iPod Touch/iPhone version has the edge over the flash online version.

I downloaded Bloons Tower defense the day it came out from from the App Store and for those of you wondering the price is $2.99 (not bad at all in my opinion). Now the great thing about this game is that is a large selection of maps available (4 as of right now) with varying difficulty ranging from easy to hard.

Now do not be fooled about this game, the concept may seem simple: just pop the balloons before they get to the other side, but trust me it gets very hard. I had a very hard time beating this game on easy at first! You can spend hours playing this game, so make sure you keep an eye on the clock so you don’t waste your whole day away!

With hours of gameplay and re playability, this game is a “no brainer” in my opinion. Future updates of this game will contain more maps and perhaps other new towers as well, so your $2.99 will go a long way.

Before I leave you, here are some screen shots of Bloon Tower Defense in action.

So what are you waiting for? Head over to the App Store and purchase Bloons Tower Defense and get your balloon popping on!