The first thing I want to say is that I absolutely love my Blackberry Storm 2. That being said I have unfortunately had my fair share of problems with it, with the number one thing being random reboots.

I received my Blackberry Storm 2 the first week it launch and believe it or not I have already been through 8 of them! Each unit had a different set of problems, varying from a faulty headphone jack to a phone which simply wouldn’t turn on after 2 days use.

The 4th Blackberry Storm 2 that I received was perfect to me, the moment I turned it on I knew that I finally had received a properly working unit. Unfortunately 5 minutes later the phone restarted and I was quickly starting to second guess my original thoughts. Since this 4th unit didn’t seem to be plagued by all the other problems I have heard about (non-working send key, uneven screen…just to name a few) I decided I would stick with it for the time being and see how things went. After the first day I counted 3 random reboots the next day and 4 the following day after that. I was really starting to get frustrated.

I finally broke down and gave Verizon another phone call and they shipped me a 5th device. Long story short, the 5th device was damaged from shipping and i received 3 more after that one and all of them had some type of problem. I was still holding onto the “perfect” 4th unit (minus the random restart issue) when I starting thinking to myself about what could possibly cause the restarting. The only thing that came to my mind was the fact that the battery could be lose and for a short second it was popping out of place resulting in a restart.

I decided to test my theory and ended up putting 2 pieces of black electrical tape on inside of the metal battery door. I carefully placed the 2 pieces right on top of the black padding that was already there, but didn’t seem to be doing its job of holding the battery in place.

Well…it’s been 5 days now and (knock on wood) my phone has yet to restart since I applied the tape. Looks like I could have saved myself quite a bit of trouble with replacements if I had just tried this earlier.

So if anyone is having the random restart/reboot issue with their Blackberry Storm 2, I suggest giving this method a try and let me know how it works out for you!