Yes you heard right, the time has finally come. Spirit has released a jailbreak that works on the 3.1.3 iPod Touch as well as the 3.2 iPad. This really is great news as I have just received my iPad and can start updating on this as well.

3rd generation iPod Touch owners will be happy to know that this is an “untethered” jailbreak as opposed to all the earlier versions. For those who are unaware what tethered vs. untethered is it is very simple, untethered means you can restart your iPod Touch without having it connected to your computer and iTunes. Tethered is as the name implies, your device must be connected to your computer.

Now, iPad users, I have just started to experiment around with the newest spirit jailbreak but I can tell you that the entire process is extremely painless and takes no more than 30 seconds before Cydia is on your homescreen. I will post a much more detailed write-up on the benefit of jailbreaking your iPad in the next few days and the must have apps. But one thing I know that many of you will be happy to know is that you can multitask with this jailbreak!

For those of you running the 3.1.3 firmware on your iPod Touch or the 3.2 firmware on your very new iPad head over to and get your download on. This is available to both mac and pc users.

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