Since the release of the iPad 3.2 jailbreak I have spend quite a bit of time playing around and customizing my iPad with a bunch of goodies from cydia. For those of you new to the jailbreaking world on your iPad I welcome you and suggest that you keep reading on. For those of you who aren’t new to this whole deal, you may learn something new as well.

I promised a few days ago that after I spent a bit of time seeing what worked and didn’t work from the iPhone/iPod Touch cydia apps, I would post a write-up here.

And of course I am a man of my word.

From bottom to top, top being the absolute “must have” app, here we go!

4. FakeCarrier – this is a pretty cool app in my opinion. It’s quite simple. With FakeCarrier you can change the text in the top left corner of your iPad. So if that annoying “iPad” bothers you like it did me, why not change it to something more custom like your name?

3. Winterboard – I’m sure most who have an iPod Touch or iPhone know this name. Winterboard is an app that allows you to change themes basically. You can change the look of your icons as well as the dock. Unfortunately at this time Winterboard hasn’t been completely optimized for the iPad, so I would hold off for the time being unless you absolutely must have it.

2. Backgrounder – does the lack of multitasking have you down? I know this is a feature that I am just dying to have right away. Backgrounder will allow you to run multiple apps in the background. All you have to do is set a key to activate the Backgrounder when inside the app you are currently running. You will need SBSettings to change the activation. I currently have mine set as holding down the hold button for 2 seconds. Holding down the hold bottom will close the application but it will continue to run. This is great for applications such as Pandora, SiriusXM and MLB at Bat.

1. SBSettings – To me, this is the must useful cydia app. SBSettings will allow you to assign apps to open with different areas of the screen (ex- swipe the status bar from left to right) as well as many other things. You can adjust the screen brightness, turn off wifi as well as view actively running programs that are running from Backgrounder. SBSettings had a few bugs when the iPad jailbreak was first released but I am happy to report that everything is working properly at this point.

These are my four most used apps and if you have other apps that you use and can’t live without please post them in the comments section.

Now before I’m done, I just wanted to post a few other cool apps that may be useful to those of you running the new 3.2 iPad Jailbreak. The controversial appsync has always been a popular one. Appsync basically allows you to copy and sync non-apple approved products from your computer to your iPad using iTunes. Since there is a bit of grayness associated with the legality of this, I will let you use google and look further into this and how it works. I’m sure along your way you will also bump into something called installous and that is where I will leave it for now.

I hope you are all enjoying your Jailbroken iPad and that this article was of some use to the newer folks out there.