This is a list of “Must Have” cydia jailbreak apps/tweaks in my point of view. At a later time I will go into more detailed coverage of them. You can find most of the information about these apps/tweaks in cydia as well as screen shots.

The list is as follows and is in no particular order:
AdBlocker – blocks adds in safari, does not work for iAds inside apps. There are other programs that claim to do this, but nothing I have found really does the job.
CleanStatus – does what it says, lets you remove things from your status bar such as carrier, clock ect.
ColorKeyboard – check my post on the front page for this one.
Fullscreen for Safari – lets you customize safari with your own multi-touch gestures. As the name implies you can also go full screen.
Infinifolders – put more than 12 items in a folder. Scrolling will be enabled.
iPicMyContacts – pictures of your contacts in your address book, can even pull from facebook.
Keep Text New – SMS is not marked as read when closed, as it should be by default.
Lockinfo – this app does too much to say right here, but in short it lets you fully customize your lockscreen with any information you could want.
OpenNotifier – check my post on the front page.
Popup Blocker – gets rid of the annoying iOS notification popups.
Update Hider – hides unwanted updates in the App Store.
Weather Icon – see the actual weather on your homescreen. Works with the default iOS weather app or many others. Also integrates with Lockinfo.

These are many of the cydia apps/tweaks I use on my iPhone. I feel that without these modifications I could not enjoy my iPhone as much as I do. Look for more writeups on these apps/tweaks this week.