OpenNotifier from cydia is a must have app if you want to know exactly what is going on at all times on your iPhone. I had a Blackberry before I came to iPhone and I missed 2 things: an LED light and status bar icons. Well as of right now there isn’t much that I can do about the LED light, but there is something I can do about the status bar.

Along came OpenNotifier, it has done exactly what I wanted. By now everyone knows that the iOS notification system is very limited. You can only see one notification at a time and the newest notification blocks out the previous. OpenNotifier is very nice because it will leave a small icon in your status bar showing you everything that has happened on your phone.

OpenNotifier is extremely customizable and additional icons can be downloaded from cydia in the “sections” area under “addons OpenNotifier”. I would highly recommend this app and since it is free there really isn’t any reason you shouldn’t try it!

As you can see above there is a email and sms icon in my status bar. You can set the icons to be anything you want and you can even add badges to icons that do not have them by default.

OpenNotifier is available from the bigboss repo in Cydia. Any questions, feel free to ask.