With the summer quickly approaching us everyone is wondering if we will see the iPhone 5 and if we will see iOS 5 any time soon. Unfortunately what I am hearing from a very reliable source, which will remain nameless is that we will not be seeing anything new until September.


This is what I have been told:
-Expect to see a preview of iOS 5 WWDC in June.
-There will be no new announcement or preview of the iPhone 5 at WWDC.
-iOS 5 will feature an entirely revamped notification system.
-iOS 5 will have a redisgned lockscreen.
-Look for much more in the way of voice intergration with iOS (similar to android).
-Incorporation of native Apple map application(good-bye Google?).
-Look for many other UI changes as well.
-No mention of OTA OS updates.

So there you have it, we have lots to look forward to iPhone iOS 5. As always I will post anything else that I hear, so check back for updates.