RecognizeMe is a new cydia app that can be used to unlock your iPhone by facial recognition. It has just officially be released in the cydia app store. Is this app worth the hefty $7 price tag? Read on to find out.

Before I get into the app, here is a video showing you how the app works:

So as you can see, RecognizeMe use your iPhone’s front facing camera (no so iPhone 3GS) to detect your face and unlock your phone. This sounds great in principle, but does it really work? Unfortunately right now there is a lot to work out with this app. I had many problems with the facial recognition. Either it didn’t work at all or it unlocked with a face other than mine.

At $7, I do not RecognizeMe is a smart buy at this time, however the app does have potential and if the bugs can all be worked out I would be willing to recommend this app. Please continue to check back for updates to this post. I truly do hope that RecognizeMe from the cydia app store can become a useful and secure unlocking app.