This is exactly why I love jailbreaking, SiriToggles from cydia is a great new iPhone 4s jailbreak tweak that greatly expands the everyday use of Siri which is currently in beta. As many of you know, Siri can be very useful, but there a many everyday uses that are left to be desired and this is where SiriToggles comes in (and I must say it does a great job).

With SiriToggles you can do useful tasks such as enabling/disabling wifi. This is simply done by the the command of “enable wifi or turn on wifi”. The same can be done with screen brightness and airplane mode. The other great feature is the ability to launch apps. Simple say launch followed by the name of the app and siri will open it for you. This can even be done from the lockscreen and don’t worry, if you have a passcode you will still be required to enter it before the app is opened.

I highly recommend this simple, but every effective cydia tweak. This is just the first release of SiriToggles for the iPhone 4s, so expect to see many great enhancements to Siri from SiriToggles in the future!